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Applicant Tracking and Onboarding Software

Ahola’s hiring and onboarding system is simple to use and will allow you to attract, qualify, and onboard top talent.

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Applicant Tracking System

Recruit better. Hire faster.

More than 60% of applicants will start an online application but leave without finishing it. Expand and improve your hiring processes by adding isolved Attract & Hire, a robust recruiting and hiring module to your isolved platform. You deserve an efficient and organized recruiting process that can retain qualified candidates and get them hired faster.

  • Branded career pages to boost your employer brand
  • Over 4,000 free job boards to post your open position in one-click
  • Customizable and mobile-friendly applications make applying easy
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Applicant Tracking Support Services

Too busy with recruiting or need more support?

Our HR professionals are now available to help in your efforts! Add Applicant Tracking Support Services and not only will we screen resumes, and choose qualified candidates for review, but also conduct initial phone interviews and pass qualified candidates directly to you.  Our Applicant Tracking Support Services save you time within your current hiring process and remove the burden of sifting through unqualified resumes. With this service, you will only receive the most qualified candidates to interview and reduce your time spent on the first few stages of the recruiting process.

Applicant Tracking Support Services include: 

  • Conducting a recruiting needs assessment with an HR Professional
  • Review of open positions and necessary skill sets
  • Creating job posts on multiple boards
  • Updating and maintaining job posts every month to ensure the most applicants
  • Building knock-out interview questions into job postings
  • Candidate review and classification in isolved Attract and Hire
  • Conducting initial candidate phone screens
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Customer Success Story

"I have a lot of positive feedback about the applicant tracking system and the support services.  We struggled to get applicants to respond to our job ads in the past despite paying very high fees on Indeed.  Since we signed on with Ahola to use the applicant tracking system we have been able to get a lot of qualified applicants and great responses to our job ads.  The system is easy to use and works very well for us. I am extremely satisfied with the support services and Tina’s performance. She took the time to review the position descriptions and met with me before drafting the job ads for our open positions.  She has done a great job with managing applicants and coordinating with me. We could not hope for a better support service specialist. Overall, we are very happy with the service and we plan to continue to utilize it for the long term.  In fact, we are so happy with the service that we have been telling our partner agencies about it." 

- Current Ahola Client

Paperless Onboarding

Onboard easier.

A well-coordinated new employee onboarding process creates engaged employees that get up to speed, and contribute to your organization, faster.

With isolved Onboarding, once you’ve extended an offer to a new hire, you can easily generate a completely paperless onboarding package to complete online and at their own pace, including federal and state tax forms. The built-in wizard feature allows you to customize templates and create approval in the process. Best of all, this information transfers automatically into payroll, eliminating the need to double-enter data!

Getting new hires immediately connected to your company is a positive process that is important to building your team and improving the performance of your business.


Why choose Ahola's Hiring and Onboarding system?

  • Post to multiple job boards with a single click
  • Organize your hiring process
  • Attract better candidates
  • Reduce time to hire
  • Improve the applicant experience
  • Provide collaboration across hiring teams
  • Decrease cost per hire
  • Seamlessly manage all documentation, including I-9 forms
  • Increase data consistency
  • Avoid bottlenecks and increase efficiency
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Hiring Software Checklist

Download the guide for a checklist to manage an effective hiring process that requires more than just an Applicant Tracking System. The software needs to adjust to your unique hiring approach, be backed up by a team of experts to support you and be designed to maximize your results. This checklist will help you make an informed decision.

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