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There is no more compelling way to express the value Ahola offers than by sharing our customers’ own words.

Client Testimonials

Elisa Corrao, HR/Finance Manager

Effective Leadership Academy

Elisa shares her positive experiences as a long-term client of Ahola. With six years of partnership she highlights how our services have transformed the routine task of payroll into a seamless and enjoyable process. "Even doing payroll can be a pleasure".

Tausha Rutkowsky, Office Manager

Achieve Incentives & Meetings

Since becoming an Ahola client in 2024, Tausha emphasizes the importance of having a dependable partner to turn to for assistance, describing Ahola as a crucial "backbone" for their needs. She recommends Ahola to other companies, highlighting the exceptional support and service we provide.

Madison Frase, HR Manager

Ohio Anesthesia Group

Madison on why she chose Ahola for their exceptional customer care. 'They're always looking out for you,' she says.

Griffin Kelley, Owner/President

The Courtyard Café

"I have had the pleasure of working with Ahola Payroll & HR Solutions for several years now. They have demonstrated professionalism, efficiency, and a genuine commitment to their clients. 1. Customer Service 2. Dedicated Support Team 3. Transparent and Reliable. Ahola is more than just a service provider; they’re a partner in my business journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Ahola...

Courtyard Cafe

Dominic Caruso, CEO

Caruso's Coffee Roasters

"We have found Ahola to be professional, helpful, and cost effective.  The Ahola Isolved website makes onboarding new employees extremely easy and efficient.  The level to which you have been able to automate the processes around payroll and basic HR functions for a company our size is remarkable and appreciated.  We would highly recommend Ahola to any of our Brecksville neighbors and beyond.


Scott Alverson, Group Benefits Consultant 

Saxon Financial Services

"We partner with Ahola because we want to integrate with the payroll and the benefits onboarding. Ahola does a great job with their technology in making sure the employees have one point to sign on for payroll and electing benefits whether it's new hires or open enrollment. We've been working with Ahola for around three years now...

Denise Kirsch, Accounting Manager

Area Temps

"We've been with Ahola for 36 years. We've been working with Kathleen for many years, she is intuitive to our business. We send weekly payroll, anytime there's anything that seems unusual, she knows and she contacts us. She's really helped us prevent problems from occurring because she just knows our payroll and that is priceless to us.

Matt Fish, Owner/Founder

Melt Bar and Grilled

"...we have eight different sets of payroll. We have all this tip reporting. We have different salary levels. We have people coming and going you know, so there's a lot of bells and whistles that she has to manage to do on a daily basis, just to make payroll every week! You know, so picking up the phone or sending a quick email and having someone..."

Ellen Stouffer, HR Director

Jetpack Shipping

"We're a new Ahola client. We're going to get a lot of our day back and this is going to be a great fit for our company."

CJ Paterniti, President

D&S Automotive Collision and Restyling

"In today's day and age, it's very hard to keep paper everywhere. So we use the HR module for certifications, for training, to revisit, to make sure that people are up to speed with what training they do need..."

Matt & Shirley Harper, Owners

Creekside Restaurant & Bar

"...being a local company, we get answers when we need them, quick payroll turnaround -always on time, payroll reports, I used to do them myself and it's not easy. But all of our reports are found on time, taxes are paid on time, and it's a no-brainer."

Case Studies

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PHR construction case study

Expanding Restaurant and Caterer Enhances Hiring Process and Safety Plan

PHR restaurant case study

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