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A cloud-based Learning Management System is critical, whether your team is at home or in the office. 

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What is an LMS?

 A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software program that helps companies manage how employees gain access to training. Some companies require employees to take compliance training, other companies focus on specific topics that relate to the needs of the organization. It’s important to consider different styles of learning and how your employees will benefit. A strong training program should include videos, supporting documentation,  and engaging elements.

Bring learning together in one platform — delivered anytime, anywhere.

Ahola offers a powerful LMS available within the isolved platform. It provides a way for organizations to create, roll out, and monitor training for employees. Reporting is simplified and easily accessible to those with the proper permissions, while supervisors and managers can roll out and assign training courses to their team members instantly.

Since LMS is built into the isolved HR and payroll platform, users don’t have to learn another technology or deal with multiple logins. All data transfers between the modules within the system, ensuring a seamless experience for every learner.



 Access a library of 150+ pre-built courses

Anti-harassment courses that meet state regulations

Access to add custom single courses as needed

Includes short videos, gamification, and easy navigation

Improve your employees’ job performance

Use learning to boost employee engagement

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150 Pre-Built Training Courses Available 

Access to a library of 150+ pre-built courses on various topics, including customer service, leadership and management, business skills, and more.

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4 ways to use a learning management system, and why they matter

When training and onboarding employees, about 9 in 10 employers offer digital learning opportunities. More often than not, this is made possible by a learning management system (LMS).

Download our eBook, and dive into LMS essentials -and why they matter to companies across all industries.

  • Keeping remote employees connected
  • Onboarding and training new hires
  • Supporting professional development efforts
  • Conducting compliance training
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Get answers to these common FAQs and other great tips when shopping for a Learning Management System.

  • How can a training program benefit my employees?
  • Can an LMS grow and expand with my business?
  • What does SCORM mean?
  • Will I receive support for my LMS?